Immigration up 57% on last year

This government likes to tell us, ad nauseam, that it is listening.

Why then will it be issuing a record number of passports this year to migrants?

54,615 applications for citizenship were approved in the first three months of 2009 – a 57% increase on the same period in 2008, says the Mail. Should approvals continue at this rate, 210,000 will have been granted citizenship by the end of the year, each having full rights to:

  • child benefit,
  • income support,
  • sickness benefit,
  • council and housing tax benefits
  • council housing,
  • NHS care,
  • their partners and offspring living in the UK.

How many of them do not claim? How many of them pay tax? How large are their families? Do these benefits extend to polygamous applicants and the multitudes of offspring of their many wives?

How much will that cost the taxpayer?

In 1997, the 37,000 applications were approved – over the entire year. That’s one fifth of the current level of immigration, not even counting the illegal immigrants.

The government can’t even claim that they are powerless to stop this migration as most of these these migrants hail from India, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Zimbabwe!

I expect Phil Woollas to retort “it wasnae me”, like so many of his fellow hoons.

Chris Grayling’s wet response was: “This is yet another example of the Government’s incompetence in managing our immigration system.”

You don’t say!


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