Bercow is Speaker of the House

The first Jewish Speaker in Parliament’s history.

From PoliticsHome:

Third ballot

John Bercow 322
Sir George Young 271

Second ballot

John Bercow 221
Sir George Young 174
Margaret Beckett 70 (withdrew)
Sir Alan Haselhurst 57 (withdrew)
Sir Alan Beith 46 (withdrew)
Ann Widdecombe 30 (eliminated)

First ballot:

John Bercow 179
Sir George Young 112
Margaret Beckett 74
Sir Alan Haselhurst 66
Sir Alan Beith 55
Ann Widdecombe 44
Parmjit Dhanda 26 (eliminated)
Richard Shepherd 15 (eliminated)
Sir Patrick Cormack 13 (eliminated)
Sir Michael Lord 9 (eliminated)

Did anyone notice how Bercow, in his acceptance speech, addressed mainly the Labour benches?

He has the responsibility of resurrecting Parliament to the respectable institution it once was. Let’s hope he succeeds.


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