John Rentoul tries to dig Labour out of its own hole

In the Independent, John Rentoul tries to paint the Tories as being more wicked than Labour regarding the expenses scandal, when in fact it is the other way round.

He says:

In the haste shown by both parties to set up procedures to judge the misdemeanours and hold back the tide of mob justice, mistakes have been made. But there seems to be a larger, systemic injustice, which is that those treated harshly tend to be Labour. Yes, I know many Tory MPs feel hard done-by. Last week, they circulated a letter accusing David Cameron of “Stalinism” – one of the least wounding insults in politics, fixated as it is with the idea of strong leadership. But the striking difference is between Blears and Ussher on one hand and Osborne on the other. There is, of course, one other difference, which is that the sums of money involved on the Tory side are much larger – according to the Daily Mail, Osborne made a £748,000 profit from the sale of his London house three years ago.

It may be only by his speed and decisiveness that Cameron has headed off awkward questions about why Tory MPs, including him, have done so well out of taxpayer-funded property investment. As the Government, Labour is obviously more exposed, but Gordon Brown’s clumsiness has made it worse for his side.

Firstly, we have no way of knowing whether the accusatory letter was even sent by a Tory. As far as we know, it could have been sent by the likes of McBride. He has form.

Secondly, There were more Labour MPs who ‘suffered’ than Tory, simply because more Labour MPs transgressed! And their crimes were of a greater magnitude.

Why is Alistair Darling not facing sanction, when he was guilty of the worst of the offenses – flipping in order to maximise his monthly income, and to avoid paying inheritance tax? Why should such a man be in the Cabinet, let alone in charge of the country’s finances, if he can’t be trusted with his own expenses? He should have been axed!

Making a profit on the sale of your property is not a crime. Were it a crime, why have we not seen the likes of Hoon prosecuted? He, after all, made a fortune, financed by the public.

Gordon Brown was at the heart of creating this expenses fiasco in the first place – do you not recall that he was the worst Chancellor ever, before he became the worst Prime Minister in British history?

Take off your rose-tinted spectacles Rentoul. We’ve all had ours torn off with a vengeance, years ago.

Make no mistake – Brown will be the ruination of the Labour Party. He destroys everything he touches. And he won’t go unless he is prized out of No. 10 with a crowbar, even if it destroys the Labour party and Britain.


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