Britain’s assassins

Brown, Mandy or their lackeys are putting it about that Brown will step down before the end of 2009.

Simon Walters says of Brown that “despite his unpopularity in Britain, his economic skills have won him international plaudits”.

Brown? Economic skills? The man whose lax regulation coupled with low interest rates brought about the near collapse of the economy?

Brown will cling on until the Lisbon Treaty is signed, because that’s what Mandy and his EU masters want him to do. He won’t go until the Lisbon Treaty is ratified to ensure that the Tories can’t bin it easily.

Let’s not forget – the Scots have no love for the English or the English way of life. The EU doesn’t much care for them either. Between the Scottish Mafia and the europhiles, England has been given a nasty dose of swine flu. Brown and Mandy want to ensure that the disease is fatal – they can’t allow Cameron to resuscitate the patient they have brought to near death.


2 Responses to “Britain’s assassins”

  1. VotR Says:

    A general election would put a spanner in Mandy's plans.

    That is achievable, but it all depends on Mandy's enemies within Labour to put forth another coup and actually manage a leadership contest. The approaching by-elections could trigger that, will see.

  2. Ex-pat Says:

    I don't think there'll be a coup until just prior to the Labour conference. By that time, Lisbon might be a done deal.

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