My choice of Speaker: Sir George Young

Sir George Young, Chairman of the HoC Standards and Privileges Committee, is fair-minded, has a steady hand and displays an even, polite temperament. He has gravitas, is an experienced parliamentarian, intimately acquainted with the workings and history of Parliament.

His manifesto pledges respect the institution of the HoC and he doesn’t threaten to throw the baby out with the bath water as a few of his trendy contenders intend to do. He doesn’t kowtow to the weather vane of public opinion although he takes it into account in his considered proposals.

In brief, his manifesto for Speakership:

  • PMQs moved to Thursday to give more time for parliamentary debate during the week.
  • Select Committee Chairmen to present reports to the House and to take questions and invite debate.
  • Permit backbenchers to chair Select Committees.
  • Speaker as catalyst to reform and management of the House, acting more as referee than player.
  • Act as ambassador for the House, hosting seminars on constitutional change, strengthening links with the Lords for a more holistic approach to government.
  • Formulate a procedure to get rid of an undesirable or unpopular Speaker.

Who is your choice of Speaker, and why?


One Response to “My choice of Speaker: Sir George Young”

  1. Gordon Says:

    My choice is Widdecombe. She is honest and would be temporary. I think the 2010 intake should choose the next Speaker.

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