Help the Taxpayers’ Alliance to help you – MPs’ expenses

Matthew Elliot of the Taxpayers’ Alliance needs your assistance:

Dear Taxpayer,

I’m writing to you to thank you for signing the petition that the TaxPayers’ Alliance and Heather Brooke jointly launched a month ago to press for full transparency in MPs’ expenses. Your support for the campaign to find out exactly how our elected representatives have been spending our money is very much appreciated. I’m pleased to say that we are making progress, but there are several ways that you can help to keep up the pressure for full transparency.

As you will have seen, today Parliament has released partial details of MPs’ expenses, but the crucial second home addresses remain secret. We will of course continue to campaign for the publication of second home addresses, but in the meantime we need your help to scrutinise the information that has been released. While the Daily Telegraph has done a great service to us all, it has only published information about a minority of MPs. With your help, we can ensure that every MPs’ expenses are properly scrutinised.

What to do

  1. Please follow this link to access the expenses details.Pick an MP. Please start with your local MP, no matter how obscure they are – this will help us to cover the greatest range of Parliamentarians.
  2. Scrutinise all of the available documents. Three types of expenses details have been released: The Additional Costs Allowance (second homes), the Incidental Expenses Provision (office costs) and the Communications Allowance (a £10,000 fund for “communicating” with or propagandising constituents).
  3. Please note any absurd, dubious, petty, greedy or amusing claim, noting the link to the relevant document and the page the claim appears on. Secretive MPs, such as those who have blacked out the details of what they have claimed for, are also of interest.
  4. Please send your observations to us as a response to this email.

4 Responses to “Help the Taxpayers’ Alliance to help you – MPs’ expenses”

  1. Fidothedog Says:

    Covered my local MP who charged the taxpayer £10K in legal fees when he was sued for libel.

    That was Paul Flynn.

  2. Faust Says:

    Seems iffy! Is that a new expense, not previously covered by the DT?

    Mine seems clean enough (Horan)

  3. Fidothedog Says:

    Not sure on the legality of it, so will be checking with a mate who is a legal wiz.

    Either way, he ran his mouth about a company and was sued. I feel its wrong that taxpayers should pick up the tab for his legal costs.

    I would argue that the company were suing an individual not the job.

  4. Faust Says:

    These people really do feel they can do what they like, don't they? Every bit of bother they run into gets sorted by their HoC minders and we foot the bill.

    Good luck. I hope you nail him. He deserves to find fame on youtube, wouldn't you agree?

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