Trial without jury: we’ve been robbed of our rights

‘A criminal trial can be held without a jury for the first time in our history, ‘thanks’ to this government’s amendments to criminal justice and human rights laws. No doubt, Jack Straw intends to enshrine this in his British Constitution, which he will spin as being beneficial in some way.

Be watchful. Scrutinise Jack Straw’s constitutional proposals.

Lord Chief Justice, Lord Judge was persuaded that jurors might be tampered with by the criminals on trial. So it seems that in the last 12 years, we have become unable to protect our jurors from criminal elements. What does that say about the police and the Department of Justice (sic)?

This is another example of ever more power drained from the public into the hands of the executive.

Under this government, habeas corpus has been replaced by corpus juris, we can be held for weeks or months without charge, we can be arrested on the word of an unknown/secret accuser, we can be extradited to face unknown charges in another country whose laws we might not have broken. To crown it all, our MPs and police are corrupt.

Labour has ruined this country. Traitors! Every one of them!


7 Responses to “Trial without jury: we’ve been robbed of our rights”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We need an English parliament to control these scottish egets. They are more faschist than the BNP. Mind control isn't enough anymore, they want state police, state trials and no democracy for the English!

    Lord Lindley

  2. Idi Amin Says:


  3. VotR Says:

    We need a general election ASAP to put the fear of god back into Labour, and remind them that they aren't gods.

  4. Faust Says:

    We sure do. But McMental wants to deliver us unto Brussels, first.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    So that means we can catch 'em & hang 'em without a trial or jury too?

  6. Only fair Says:

    Anon @ 16:45

    Deal with them under the laws they created? Sounds fair.

  7. Clayton Says:

    The terrifying thing is how petty a reason this is – I can understand (though disagree) with arguments about national security but this is basically saying "It seems kind of easier this way". As usual, our right go,not with a bang but with a whimper.

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