Freedom Watch: Judge Napolitano

Freedom Watch is a weekly Fox News program hosted by Judge Napolitano to discuss the loss of civil liberties in America today.

Part 1: US Congressman Dr Ron Paul

Part 2: Peter Schiff, President of Euro Pacific Capital

Part 3: Yaron Brook, Ayn Rand Institute

Part 4: Thomas E Woods, author of the best-selling book Meltdown and Lew Rockwell, Ludwig von Mises Institute. The Judge is apopleptic that the US government wants to give the Federal Reserve the power to regulate businesses, which institutionalises “moral hazard”.

Part 5: John Pappas, CEO, Poker Players’ Alliance – on government intrusion.

Part 6: Mike German, American Civil Liberties Union, former FBI agent.

The latest example of police brutality which is becoming rampant in the US: paramedic choked by police in Oklahoma after his ambulance (replete with patient on the way to hospital) was stopped by the police for no apparent reason. The footage was captured by the trooper’s dash camera and after media presssure, released to the media.


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