Blair or Brown to be first EU President?

If the Lisbon Treaty is ratified by all member states in the autumn, an EU President could be appointed and installed before the end of 2009.

While the Cameron camp says it stands to gain nothing by blocking Blair’s appointment, a spokeswoman declared “We do not accept the need for an EU president”.

Eurosceptics are unlikely to be satisfied with such a vague stance, particularly since Kenneth Clarke threw a spanner in the works on Sunday, casting doubt on Cameron’s allegedly eurosceptic stance.

The Mirror asserts that Brown is likely to be the first EU President, which leads me to suspect that Brown is hanging on to his job so that he can deliver the Lisbon Treaty unto his EU masters in order to swipe the presidency from his old rival Blair.

Philip Davies (Tory MP) is against Brown securing the Presidency, opining that it would be a “slap in the face” for British voters.

It is difficult to discern any decidedly eurosceptic stance from the three mainstream parties so far and it looks increasingly likely that UKIP will have to lead us out of Europe.

UKIP has already embarked on such a course, as Bloggers4UKIP reports:

UKIP’s Lord Willoughby de Broke has introduced the Constitutional Reform Bill 2009 into the House of Lords which, if hell freezes over and the LibLabCon pass it, would:

    • Repeal the European Communities Act 1972
    • Repeal the Human Rights Act 1998
    • Introduce binding referenda
    • Require the British Parliament to approve international treaties and declare war
    • Hand powers down from the British Parliament to local authorities
    • Fix the salary and expenses of a British MP and what expenses can be claimed for

Update: Hague, on asked whether he wants Blair to be President of the EU:


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