The march of the Eurosceptics

There was a time when conservative types feared that Labour could win another election and that to get them out of power, we needed to vote Conservative – the latter being preferable to the former.

At the time, smaller parties had no hope of gaining power and the view was that votes for a smaller party would dilute the Conservative vote, ultimately letting Labour back in to power.

The MPs’ expenses exposés had the disaffected clamouring to support non-mainstream parties. This monumental switch has the potential to change the political status quo, diluting the power of the mainstream parties.

Most surveys of public opinion put eurosceptic sentiment at anywhere between 55% and 85%, the overriding sentiment being eurosceptic and gaining ground. Politicians who are europhile because they have the most to gain from “ever closer union”. They seem to care not for their country – just for their 30 pieces of silver.

If Labour’s fortunes decline further and with them, those of the europhile LibDems, we could see a surge in UKIP popularity around the time of the GE. Should that happen, the Tories have most to fear from UKIP – not from Labour.


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