Swine flu (yawn) – might be a blessing

The WHO declares that swine flu is now a pandemic, which means that its reach is global.

Big deal!

More people catch regular flu each year than have caught swine flu and the latter isn’t nearly as deadly as the former. Indeed, in earlier pandemics, vaccinations have done more damage than the disease itself.

That swine flu is global might actually be an advantage. Our bodies only become susceptible to viruses that the immune system hasn’t encountered and to which it therefore has no defense. If the entire world builds up natural immunities to this virus, we might see a reduction in the future spread of viruses.

Swine flu has been hyped up. The pandemic of fear is more of a threat than the virus itself.

See also: Fear epidemic


3 Responses to “Swine flu (yawn) – might be a blessing”

  1. Ruby Pilar @ GreenFreelancers.com Says:

    Interesting to find that someone else might consider it a blessing — see my post "Swine Flu Pandemic: A Freelancing Opportunity?"

  2. Marius Says:

    I'm just waiting for the WHO to announce how much money they want governments to give them to spend on bureaucracy, bigger cars, better lunches, and maybe some vaccines if there's anything left over at the end. Let Brown try and spin that to the UK voters…

  3. Faust Says:

    Ruby, thanks – I'll visit.

    Marius, totally agreed.

    Apparently this government is playing down the pandemic. Odd when you consider that it purchased masks, tamiflu, etc., at great expense, hyped the whole thing up when there wasn't even a case reported in Britain.

    Now that it's a pandemic, this government is not bothered. Makes you wonder …

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