Shahid Malik wants a Muslim Prime Minister

This is the MP who has no receipts and no tenancy agreement on the property in his constituency, for which he claimed expenses, charged to us.

This is the MP who was fired by Brown and has now been brought back into government by Brown.

It seems clear that McMental is in favour of the Islamification of Britain. Unacceptable. HM Opposition must have him removed from government.


3 Responses to “Shahid Malik wants a Muslim Prime Minister”

  1. Terry Says:

    Mr Malik's speech is delivered with the same kind of menace that Nick Griffin (allegedly)reserves for his speeches.
    Of course, Mr Griffin is perceived in the media as an out-and-out racist whereas Mr Malik is just an expenses cheat. It's a strange dividing line though and you sometimes wonder if there are different rules for different sections of society because, in my opinion, Malik – in that video clip – looks every inch the kind of racist that Gordon Brown is trying to rid our society of.

  2. Goodnight Vienna Says:

    Inshallah my ar*e – sorry but this sort of rhetoric just gets my goat. The man's a creep of the highest order.

  3. Plankton Says:

    Scum floats to the top.

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