Brown’s Code of Conduct for MPs

The Mail reports:

Mr Brown will also pledge to introduce a new code of conduct for the Commons and a new Parliamentary Standards Authority to oversee MPs’ behaviour, pay and perks, within weeks.

Any MP who breaks the code of conduct may be subject to a recall election by constituents.

Hmmm. Given that Brown has been threatening to publish embarrassing expenses details of MPs who don’t toe the party line, the cynic in me wonders if Mr Brown’s recall proposal is just another means of government control. Recall of MPs should be constituent-driven, not government-driven. A code of conduct for MPs seems iffy to me. They should simply be subject to the laws to which we are subject. A code of conduct would encourage MPs to work to the rules, rather than be governed by a sense of morality. It would be a step backwards.

I don’t like the idea of this government having anything to do with reforming Parliament or any of our institutions as it invariably attempts to skew procedures to the government’s (Labour’s) advantage. It lacks the moral authority to do so because it has been proven to lack morality.

Alan Duncan rightly opines:

‘When he announced this democratic council it sounded as though we might see a forum of the country’s best minds coming up with some ideas of real quality.

‘Now we learn that it is a cosy little clique of those who have caused the problem in the first place.’

Even Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, admits that Brown “needs to behave in a more collegiate way.” Brown is deemed to be “on probation” by disgruntled Labour MPs and his handling of this issue will be under close scrutiny.

3 Responses to “Brown’s Code of Conduct for MPs”

  1. Terry Says:

    Brown seems to live in his own little world, but the mistakes he makes are too costly for this country to sustain.
    It must be obvious to everyone that any parliamentary reforms must be introduced by a body which is entirely independent to parliament itself and not by some incompetenty halfwit.

  2. Faust Says:

    Who would oversee the independent body and how would that body (and its members) be chosen?

    I like Carswell's idea ("The Plan") of 'citizen MPs' whereby MPs who have lived in a constituency for 10 years or more, become an MP to represent that constituency. No bussing in of politicos to safe seats.

    Those citizen MPs would be representative of us. More so if we have the power of recall.

  3. Hehe Says:

    Brown can't blackmail MPs with expenses any more. Wonder how he'll keep 'em in line now.

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