ICM Poll: Labour in 3rd place behind LibDems

  • Labour is behind the LibDems for the first time since 1987 – 22 years
  • 22% is the lowest level of support recorded for Labour since 1984.

Asked who they’d support in the local and European elections on 4th June:

1st: Con 29%
2nd: LibDem 20%
3rd: Lab 17% (down from 22.5%)
4th: Greens 11%
5th: UKIP 10%
6th: BNP 5%

Asked who was most damaged by the MPs’ expenses scandal:

LibDems 2%
Conservatives 13%
Labour 54%

25% said that the three main parties had been equally damaged.

Asked when a general election should be held:

Now: 35%
Autumn 2009: 19%
2010: 39%


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