Brussels Laid Bare – EU corruption

UKIP Treasurer Marta Andreasen dared Lord Kinnock to attempt to ban her new book Brussels Laid Bare just days after its launch.

Marta, the former chief accountant for the EU, was sacked when she tried to expose EU waste. She questioned EU accounting practices and accountability and frequently clashed with the former Labour leader, Neil Kinnock who was an EU Commissioner at the time.

“I very much hope one of the drivers of the gravy train such as Lord Kinnock will try to ban this book,” she said.

“Kinnock is blamed and shamed in the book but I don’t think he’ll have the nerve to try and stop it. I’m sure he has read it but, if he is clever, he’ll try to ignore it.”

At Andreason’s book launch on Monday in Westminster, she urged every voter to read it before the European Elections on June 4.

Christopher Booker describes Brussels Laid Bare as “a chilling cross between two of Franz Kafka novels, The Trial and The Castle“.

Read Christopher Booker’s full review.

Should Amazon be out of stock, purchase Brussels Laid Bare here.

Marta Andreasen is standing as a UKIP MEP candidate on 4th June.


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