NO to the Lisbon Treaty: Vote UKIP

If this were not such a critical juncture in British politics, I would cast my EU vote for the Conservatives – and Dan Hannan.

But I’ll be voting for UKIP because the Conservative Party refuses to pledge that it will repeal the Lisbon Treaty, should it be ratified by all EU members by the time the Conservatives come to power.

If you’re undecided about who to vote for, watch these videos:

The UK Independence Party has a wealth of videos, should you want to know more. Still undecided? Check out their vision, policies and manifesto.

2 Responses to “NO to the Lisbon Treaty: Vote UKIP”

  1. Goodnight Vienna Says:

    Sorry Fausty, we differ here. I’d no more vote for Farage and his mob than I would for Griffin and his.

  2. Faust Says:

    Hi GV,

    I’m not a UKIP member, but I’m mighty peeved about none of the 3 main parties offering to repeal the Lisbon Treaty.

    Who will you be voting for on June 4th?

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