Taxman to investigate MPs

Tax inspectors will be inquiring into the financial affairs of MPs to determine whether or not they owe HMRC tax on their expenses claims.

Among those to be investigated are ministers Alistair Darling, David Milliband Geoff Hoon, James Purnell, and Jackboot Smith due to their irregular claims on “office expenses” on which the rest of us are taxed. The Telegraph has exposed 9 people so far who have claimed for tax advice on expenses.

Under scrutiny will be claims for personal tax advice from accountants, household equipment, furniture and pot plants.

The HMRC also has concerns over the practice of MPs claiming back the cost of personal accountancy advice as a business expense.
According to the Telegraph, “MPs’ expenses claims have been under investigation for some years”!

How can an investigation into a handful of MPs have taken so long? Why has HMRC reached no conclusions as yet? HMRC manages to investigate the tax affairs of millions of people every year, but it takes several years to investigate a few MPs?


Jackboot Smith is to appear in court on 24th June in a private prosecution on charges of fraud for her expenses claims. Old Holborn is believed to have sought the prosecution.

See: FRAUD! Jackboot’s main residence is Redditch


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