MPs’ Expenses: Google Earth view

Got to hand it to the Telegraph; it is playing a shrewd game. Today it published a Google Earth view of MPs’ expenses claims.

Notice how it focuses on the Tories, even though Labour has by far the largest number of troughers and tops the list of MPs claiming as much as they can get away with.

Why is that?

For your convenience, here are the Telegraph’s chosen MPs’ properties to receive the Google Earth treatment – on one page.

Don’t they live well at our expense?

Peter Vigger's duck island: MPs' expenses on Google Earth

A floating duck island, the equivalent of the Hilton for water fowl, formed part of an expenses claim by Sir Peter Viggers

Nick Clegg's garden path

Nick Clegg claimed for a small garden wall, which we can’t identify in the picture, and repair of the path which snakes alongside his lawn

Alan Haselhurst's roof

Sir Alan Haselhurst claimed more than £3,000 for the roof of his centuries old farmhouse to be retiled. He also submitted a bill for pea shingle for his drive

Greg Knight's driveway

Greg Knight also wanted some help with his driveway, tidying up a path beside the smooth tarmac that gives access for his collection of classic cars

Ruth Kelly's patio

Repairs to a patio in her back garden were among Ruth Kelly’s claims

Stewart Jackson's swimming pool

Stewart Jackson was one of three Tory MPs who changed their minds about claims for swimming pool maintenance after they were contacted by the Telegraph

Douglas Hogg's Moat

Douglas Hogg also backtracked on a claim for clearing his moat

Clare Short's conservatory

In a more suburban setting, Clare Short asked taxpayers to contribute to her conservatory

David Davis'

Cutting the grass at David Davis’ home is very expensive. He submitted the bills for maintaining his “paddock” to the House of Commons authorities

Anthony Steen's trees

Anthony Steen sought help from the taxpayer to inspect 500 trees on his land

Now why doesn’t the Telegraph provide shots of Labour homes?

Perhaps bloggers will fill this void!


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