Supine Media shares blame for political rot

Iain Dale has written a very important piece in the Guardian on the erosion of liberties over the years and the rise of an overly-powerful government.

Governments throughout the ages have used variants of “threat to national security” as a device to scare people into accepting the state’s grabbing of more power. Terrorism is an almost perfect ‘threat’ because it can never be proven to be defeated. We can never know whether or not the government is hyping up the existence of terrorism for the useful fear it engenders – because it can claim that for “national security” reasons, it cannot give us facts, lest it reveal its intelligence to ‘the enemy’.

Fear is a device which can be milked by the government whenever it wishes to pass legislation or grab more power. How are we to know if an alleged threat is real, if we are not privy to the facts? This is where the media should come in.

The media and politicians seem to have overlooked a massive contributory factor to the fury engendered by the MPs’ expenses saga – media silence.

For nearly a decade, I, and thousands of others, have been responding to articles in the DT and elsewhere crying out for the press to investigate and expose the shocking extent of the erosion of liberties and the burgeoning surveillance state. These clarion calls were the precursor to the anger that the country sees today – our frustration was overwhelming then. The fury kept building and building as the likes of McBride and his henchmen sought (probably) to silence the MSM and do their filthy bidding.

Now the volcano has erupted and murderously hot, sulfurous lava is making its inexorable way across the country, laying to waste any living thing which gets in its path. Politicians beware.

The media needs to examine its part in the destruction of trust we see all around us. The media should never be a government mouthpiece. If it does not represent truth, via diligent investigation and honest reporting, then it ceases to be a cog in the machinery of freedom-protection and a valve in the pressure cooker of despotic politics. It then becomes a cog in the machinery of a despotic state and does not deserve to use the word “journalism” to describe its work.


2 Responses to “Supine Media shares blame for political rot”

  1. Goodnight Vienna Says:

    Spot on Fausty; all this anger isn’t just about troughing MPs; it isn’t even solely about the economy – it’s also about the way the people have been marginalised. Listed, labelled, monitored, controlled. The msm has certainly played its part by its silent complicity.

  2. Faust Says:

    We have Guido to thank for busting open the McBride story. If he had not, Jackboot and her band of despotic troughers would have continued to drive a dagger into the heart of democracy.

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