MPs: now it’s your turn to go

Michael Martin was forced out of office by an angry mob of MPs and an outraged public. Not without substantial benefit, mind you. He takes with him an astonishing £1.4 million pension and a seat in the Lords.

One can only assume that this outrageously generous golden parachute was McMental’s bribe to get Gorbals to go without dropping McMental in the sewage. Funny how all of us, apart from McMental himself, seem to pay heavily for his c*ck-ups. This is something we need to change.

If the powers that be imagine that the public is going to be satisfied with just getting rid of Gorbals Mick and a few unimportant Labour expendables, they are quite mistaken. The real scandal is that we have a cabinet loaded with expenses cheats some of whom ought to be in jail, rather than running the country into the ground.

I’m still MAD AS HELL and I want justice done!

We’ve endured an unaccountable executive for far too long. It really is time the swine fell on his, or someone else’s sharp sword.

See Aaron Russo’s “Mad as hell!” videos.


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