Reduce the number of MPs and pay them more

Tim Devlin writes in the Telegraph:

SIR – In 1995, I tabled a joint motion in the Commons to reduce the cost of an intended pay rise for MPs.

Our idea was to reduce the number of MPs by a third, increase their taxable pay and do away with the additional cost allowance altogether.

By combining constituencies in groups of three, and only electing the two candidates with the most votes, the number of MPs would fall from 650 to 433. Salaries for those elected could be increased to £100,000. The taxpayer would save a lot of money overall.

Tim Devlin
MP, Stockton South, 1987-97
London EC4

This is an idea whose time has come. If we reduce the number of MPs, and increase their salaries as he suggests, we can do away with the ACA, which seems to invite corruption and which is probably time-consuming to police.

Update: MPs are paid £64K for working 60% of the year, which gives them a salary for each month worked of £8K. This translates to an annual salary of £106K were they to work every month of the year. Not so badly paid after all.


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