Britain’s graduates inadequately educated

I’m constantly amazed by the lack of quality of the postings of alleged graduates. Most often, posters’ grammar, spelling, punctuation and presentation would suggest that they’d received a sub-standard education.

We all err, but the current crop of ‘graduates’ makes me fear for the future. Here’s an example, purloined from a Telegraph comment:

I am a low income worker , a graduate , an honourable person. I am disapointed. We all knew that MP’s were second to estate agents and far a trust is concerned, but after this I am supprised that the general public dont rise up and march on the commons demanding the whole lot be fired and a newly elected government be formed. I pay more than a third of my income tothe government and I have to pay for 16k sterio systems and nonexistant mortgages when I strugle to be able to take my family abroad or even in this country on holiday each year. I want to stand in front of these fat pigs in there little boys room known as the commons and discrace each and everyone of them in public view. We had the remnants of a democracy that has now been distroyed by greed and selfishness. For one all should lose the right to a state funded pension for years of service due to years of theft. And for those that did get expenses i wouldnt be surprised if they didnt even pay the correct income tax on those expenses as a benefit in kind. For this they should face the wrath of english law. Part of me wanted to become a candidate but now every party is morally tainted and there are non I would wish to represent. It is now time to call the new election and prevent any current politition which is tainted in the slightest from running for a seat even if they are high up in government . even if they are in the cabinet. They should no more be alowed to steal money from the mouths of my family in the name of greed.

If they refuse then the people will speak and march on them.

The queen should demand the disbanding of parliment and put faith back in the publics hands by calling for a new govenment.

While I’ve highlighted the most obvious errors (including some punctuation and grammatical errors and logic errors), the above piece has so many, that I’ve ignored the trivial.

This comment is so poorly constructed that had it been subject to examination in my day (1970s), it would’ve been branded a “fail”.

Is this not a glaring example of the failures of the government, which has purloined absolute power over educational establishments over the last 12 years?

Does Ed Balls have no shame?


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