Venomous Balls – expenses fiddle

After being rumbled by the Telegraph for an expenses fiddle by Balls and Cooper, Balls exudes venom. I wonder if it was aimed at a particular journalist, or all of them in general.

The Telegraph reports:

At one point, Miss Cooper and Mr Balls, the Children’s Secretary and a close ally of Gordon Brown, had their expenses docked, after each submitted two monthly claims for mortgage interest of nearly £1,300.

At the time, their mortgage statements showed the interest-only element of their mortgage stood at £733.

Officials also warned them that they had submitted the same claim, for the month of July 2006, twice.

Hmmm. That sounds like they tried to get away with double-claiming but were refused by the Fees Office.


2 Responses to “Venomous Balls – expenses fiddle”

  1. Goodnight Vienna Says:

    Yes, that’s a nasty look in his eye and no mistake. Good – I hope that means it’s hurting.

  2. Faust Says:

    Looks that way. And he can’t do much about it.

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