Ridding the Commons of the Gorbals Mick

Douglas Carswell‘s campaign to rid the Commons of Speaker Martin is gathering pace.

Peter Oborne and Quentin Lettswrote scathingly of Speaker Martin in the Mail. The Guardian, The Times and the Telegraph carry support articles and even the BBC appears sympathetic.

And now Nick Clegg has openly stated that Michael Martin “got it wrong”.

David Winnick requested in the Commons today that Martin apologise to Kate Hoey for his inappropriate remarks. Martin side-stepped the request, by saying this was yesterday’s news and that “we should move on”. What an underhand slime-ball.

Listen to Winnick’s and Martin’s exchange.

Only Cyclops McMental, he the man of spectacularly bad judgement, supports Martin.

Write to your MP and urge him/her to support Douglas Carswell’s motion of no confidence.


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