John Cruddas – woolly lefty

John Cruddas, in the Independent, tries to pose as the reasonable voice of the left, in decrying right of centre views.

He declares that “right-wing factions can be dangerous things” and that “The grand story is very clear: 30 years of Thatcher/Reagan, tempered by Clinton/Blair, are over.”

On the contrary, Mr Cruddas.

The debate on Thatcherism and a true market economy, (rather than a pseudo market economy contrived by Labour) is just beginning. People are awakening from their 12-year long coma to discover that this entire financial debacle was the fault of left-leaning governments, their power brokers having no understanding of the dynamics of a true market economy and its intrinsic link to human nature. The likes of Cruddas blame the catastrophic money-market failures on capitalism when in fact the failure was caused by too much government interference in the market economy that skewed it into a monster.

Lefties tend to believe that human nature can be modified and that ‘order’ can be imposed. Not so. Robert Peel knew that an orderly society requires that the powers that be work with it, understand it and accommodate it. Ignore the power of human nature at your peril.

Freedom, in all its flavours, is popular and the sheer will of people will beat any man-made system, eventually.


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