FRAUD! Jackboot’s main residence is Redditch

The Mail revealed that Jackboot pays council tax on her main residence – her family home in Redditch and yet claims that her sister’s spare residence is her main residence. You can’t have it both ways, Jackboot.

The Mail reports:

“The property on which she has claimed thousands of pounds in second homes allowance is actually her primary residence for tax purposes, it was revealed.

The Home Secretary has pocketed £84,000 of taxpayers’ money on the home she shares with her husband, Richard Timney, and their two children in Redditch, her West Midlands constituency.

That was only possible because she persuaded the House of Commons authorities that her main home is actually her sister’s spare bedroom in London, where she lodges during the week.

But after a freedom of information request, Redditch council has confirmed that Miss Smith pays council
tax as if the £300,000 constituency house was her main home.

Last night, Tory MP Ben Wallace said the revelations suggest the Home Secretary is guilty of ‘an abuse of the system’.

He has passed the details of Miss Smith’s tax status to the parliamentary sleaze watchdog, who has launched an inquiry into the affair.”

This is not just an abuse of the system – it is fraud. Jackboot’s expense claims should be subject to an immediate investigation and she should be suspended while this is in progress. That such a person is in charge of the Home Office is outrageous.

Old Holborn is reporting her to the Police. Good on him!


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