Thank you, Iain Dale

Iain Dale has kindly mentioned Fausty’s blog in his “Ten New Blogs: Part 48”. Thank you, Iain!

About 6 months ago, The Telegraph began censoring comments and preventing people from posting altogether. I believe they ban by IP address. Its transition from ToryGraph to LabourGraph was made crystal clear by its dire reporting on the McBride story, the smearing of Guido Fawkes and bloggers generally; I think it shot itself in the foot. It certainly gave rise to a rash of new blogs.

Freedom is popular“, says Ron Paul, US Congressman and founder of the Campaign for Liberty.

So is free speech.

Fausty has a new blog. Please critique me!


2 Responses to “Thank you, Iain Dale”

  1. Wrinkled Weasel Says:

    I resumed blogging after about two years precisely because I was being banned on the MSM.

    Keep it up, and thanks for the link

  2. Faust Says:

    Thank you. I enjoy your blog and am glad that you’re back.

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