Mrs T’s legacy

In striving to bring to the public’s attention the great achievements of Maggie, the Tories and Tory supporters often fail because they put forward too technical, too complicated an argument.

Maggie, quite simply, rescued this country, the “sick man of Europe”, in “managed decline” from its dire, desperate fate and gave it hope.

The Scots won’t think so, but then the Scots don’t like much about the English, anyway.

The Welsh won’t think so because they have yet to discover the fruits of self-determination. When they do, they might feel less caustic about the English.

It is self-determination that Maggie tapped into. She provided the framework via which imaginative, daring entrepreneurs could thrive.

This Labour government has been a handbrake for entrepreneurs – unless they happen to be corporations.

Much of Thatcherism should be revived, tempered for the modern age.


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