Privacy and the ever-intrusive, burgeoning State

The Telegraph reports that Jackboots Smith is still intent of invading our privacy, for ‘security’ reasons:

“Ms Smith is pushing ahead with proposed new powers to track every phone, email text message and website visit made by the public in order to combat terrorists and serious criminals who take advantage of the ever complex forms of communication to plot their atrocities and crime.”

(Image from Flikr)

In a discussion on Iain Dale’s blog, the poster Political Dissuasion argues:

“It so that Labour can find out what the Tories campaign plans are and if they dig up some smeargate type material, then bonus for them.”

I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised. Smeargate has taught us that this government is willing to plumb new depths for political gain.

The Tories, if they haven’t done so already, would be wise to ensure that they employ PGP to encrypt all emails.


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