An epidemic of epidemics – fear is the real enemy

Hardly a week goes by without some kind of fear fest engendered by the media, the government or those that have the most to gain from fear propaganda.

Look at the fear and furore whipped up over bird flu. What happened to that ‘epidemic’? Nothing. Nevertheless, the pharmaceutical companies raked it in with huge government purchases of Tamiflu, most of which will probably go to waste as it will never be needed.

This week, it’s swine flu. Who are the winners here? Again, pharmaceuticals. Boots has had a merry time testing its staff – a wonderful advert … for face masks.

Get real. The biggest thing to fear is fear itself and the destruction it wreaks.

Stay calm, be hygienic, dress well and eat well. And all will be well.


More lunacy from this ‘government’. Criminals are to be spared incarceration, as it could infringe on their human rights being placed in an enclosed environment in which swine flu could flourish, the Telegraph reports:

“Prosecutors will be encouraged to hand out more cautions to offenders to ease pressure on the courts and the types of offences that can be dealt that way could be expanded.

Serious criminals are also likely to use human rights laws to argue they should not be sent to prison – where infection rates could hit 90 per cent, the MoJ warns”

Have they no shame? No sense of justice? Have they lost all ability to govern? Did they ever have it?

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