Petition Gordon Brown to resign

Petition for Gordon Brown to resign – sign it, folks.

Yes, I know Gordon Brown doesn’t take heed of petitions, if the petition to scrap road pricing, signed by 1.8 million people is anything to go by, but it’s worth signing.

We get to voice our opinion. Isn’t that worth something? Edit: We also get to embarrass McMental.

Sign it, people. Get all your friends and relatives to sign it, and get them pass it on to their friends and relatives.

After you’ve signed the petition, you’ll receive an email to confirm that you want to do this – if you don’t click on the link in that email, your name will not be added to the list of petitioners.

Sign it now!

Edit: I see that some nutter under the alias of Adolph Hitler has signed the petition. Might the McBrides of this world be trying to discredit the petition by doing so?


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