Postal vote fraud – how it was done

In 2007, a Sunday Times reporter posed as a ‘mature student’ to uncover electoral fraud via postal votes.

From The Times: “THE ASSEMBLED student volunteers in the car park of a boarded-up pub in Gipton, Leeds, were hoping to do their small bit to avert Labour’s predicted electoral meltdown.”

Graham Hyde, a local Councillor told students to “Put the postal vote form out of sight…Don’t get caught with any on you. We are not supposed to collect them.”

Hyde was asked by a student whether this was illegal, to which he replied “Yes it is. But we’ve done 25% already, so…”

The Times states: “Any canvasser who solicits a postal ballot paper from a voter or helps them to fill out the ballot paper would be breaking an electoral code of conduct agreed by all the parties and may have broken electoral law.”

The under-cover Times reporter recorded the episode and passed a dossier and the recording to the police.


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